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Loving HopeMarket

Hi my name is Zarina Sharif, I am so pleased to be a volunteer@ HopeMarket, because

I get to give back to my community, I also get to work with some mighty good folks.

I really enjoy unpacking and setting up the donations we receive on our display tables.

I also enjoy hanging up the clothing donations, same color coordination’s. There are

Lots of things to do around HopeMarket, including enjoying the company of other

volunteers, learning all about how things work around here. Each day brings a new

experience. Thanks.



I am Tanya and I like working at Hopeworx because I do artwork that is very nice.  Every time I come here there is always something new to do. I am happy here and I have been here since July 2012. I get clothes from here that I like. I had made friends and I never get bored.

Hopeworx has some very nice things and I get compliments on the clothes that I buy.



Arts and Crafts

The Hope Market Community Trading Post is not all about running a market so to speak.

We are not always packing, sorting, cleaning, etc.

 We have Fun!!

One fun activity we do is the Arts and Crafts. This give’s member of the community a way too express themselves and thier creativity.

One of our goals in the near future is too start an art club and put on an art show. Were,

we can sell some of our work. If there is anyone interested in being apart of this community please contact us @ 610-270-9155.

Here are some of our great work from the members of the HopeMarket.


Friday at The Hope Market


CARLA: We had a lot of volunteers at the Hope Market on Friday.  Our newest member, who signed up Friday and also began her first day of working for equal dollars, fit right in with our team. Welcome to Hope Market Zarina!!

CHRISTA:Love Hope Market,beautiful stuff here.Nice co-workers.

ZARINA: I really had a great time@ Hope Market on Friday. Everyone was so nice and welcomed me with open arms. I really had a blast today. Thank you guys, you really know how to make a person feel welcome Be Blessed. 

ANDREA: I love it here at Hope Market and most of all I love helping my community

MELANIE: Hope Market is a fun place to work where you can consign your products or work for equal dollars to barter with. I really loving helping  the commuity. It’s a win win situation.




UnCurb Your Enthusiam – Stay Involved in Politics

Exercising your right to vote may be a civic duty but it is also exciting and fun to think that voting gives you a hand in making history.

And it’s not just voting that gives you a place in history. It’s the numerous opportunities along the campaign trail that find you walking and talking with senators, state representatives, congressmen – even presidents!

On Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, I had the opportunity to see in person former President Bill Clinton at a last minute rally at the Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell.  It was the day before the election and President Clinton was in Pittsburgh that morning and flew east in the afternoon to be at the Blue Bell college campus.

It was my third time seeing President Clinton who is a wonderful orator. I was among hundreds of  people of all ages standing outside the college gymnasium on the cold, breezy afternoon to see President Clinton in person. Dressed in a dark jacket and scarf to keep off the chilly wind, Clinton gave an easy-to-understand speech about the presidential election campaign, the economy, healthcare, education and jobs. President Clinton emphasized the facts and noted many untruths that were being told during campaigns this season. As always, he entertained the audience with a few jokes, some witty remarks and poignant stories.

Of course, there was warm up before President Clinton. The event was kicked off by an enthusiastic welcome from Montgomery County Commissioners Chairman Josh Shapiro, a stirring rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by a young 12-year-old named Jada, and a slew of local legislators running for election.  For those in the audience who hadn’t met their local legislators, it was a chance to see them in person and hear what they had to say.

But why spend the energy on politics?

Politicians represent us. They represent our issues. They make laws that affect all aspects of our lives. So we need to make politics an every day part of our lives, like eating, sleeping, working, and playing. If we understand the issues and we learn about our representatives, who they are and what they do, we’ll feel better about who we elect to represent us and maybe, we’ll be more optimistic about the future of our country, our lives and the generations who come after us.

Uncurb your enthusiasm!




What is HopeMarket for?

The HopeMarket community includes an informal partnership with Critical Time Intervention (CTI), an agency that helps people who are homeless, and recently when some of the CTI staff were in working at the HopeMarket we asked if anyone was willing to write a blog post about their experiences with us.  James, one of their staff, wrote the following:  


In the midst of brokenness, we are forced to be honest with ourselves.  We’ve witnessed the economy collapse as a result of corporate greed and deception and many are left without hope but there are still some initiatives out there that are ready to help pick up the pieces.

HopeWorx has stood out as something radically different to what many are used to.  I work with an agency called CTI and we focus our attention on the homeless population in Montgomery County.  The Hope Market has been utilized by many of our clients as well as staff.

Today, if you don’t have money, you can’t really do much.  HopeWorx recognizes that there are limitations that people have and work with them.  I heard someone say once before that, we talk about giving people a second chance but many people aren’t given a first chance because they didn’t choose to be born into broken environments.  HopeWorx is driven by the gifts and talents that people have to offer.   The market here runs off an equal dollars system where volunteer time translates into specialized currency that can be used for goods.

It seems that the main obstacle to getting help is pride.  I agree with Donald Miller in his book, Blue Like Jazz when he says,  “I love to give charity, but I don’t want to be charity.” (Miller, 84).  In the back of our minds , we think that we can make it on our own but the truth is that we all need help.  HopeWorx is there for anyone regardless of their history and it’s a joy to serve with them.

“A beautiful death is for people who have lived like animals to die like angels.”  Mother Teresa



Meet the Hope Market Community

It’s Friday, so the HopeMarket is open, and while we’re here sorting donations and figuring out how to hang a curtain over our storage space doorway, we asked everyone to introduce themselves and talk a little about their experience at HopeMarket. 

Here’s who is in the house today: 

Bryan: It’s a great place to volunteer and use your skills. For example I do woodworking and I was able to build a bookcase and cat stand for other members in which I was paid part cash and part equal dollars. I’ve been here since the beginning of  Hope Market and intend to stay.


Carla: I’ve been volunteering for the Hope Market for about one year and I love it here! I come here faithfully three days out the week, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. I bought my furniture and other household items for equal dollars. It’s a fantastic way to save money and purchase the things that I need. By the way, I also worked in exchange for things that I gave away as Christmas gifts last year and last week I ran across some name brand sweat pants and sports t-shirts that I sent to my grandson. Wow am I saving big bucks.


Willie: I’ve been working for the Hope Market for a few months. It isn’t really work, it’s a blessing. You get to meet really nice, caring people who really are concerned about you and hoe life’s treating you. It’s not just a place to work but a place where you can unwind and get a peace of mind knowing it’s not just about money or what someone can do for each other and that’ all. We are a family learning how to become a bigger family that wants change, first with ourselves and then with the world around us. I really don’t know what or where I would be without such a place


Ameika: At Hope Market I get to party like a rock star!!!Woooooooooo. I enjoy doing arts and craft and working on projects with the other members. I love the fact that I get to meet people and I am able to get stuff that I need that I wouldn’t be able to get with real money. It’s a good way to give back to the community and I’ve grown a lot since working here.


Lisa: It’s great working here. It’s a great opportunity because you get work and shop at the same time. It a good place to be a member and a part of the community.


Billy: It’s a loveable place and a lot of people depend on this place. It’s a peaceful and caring place. It makes me feel at home. This is where I come to get peace of mind. I feel that more people should come here because this place is supportive and a place of love. I buy stuff here and I give it too other people who need things, such as homeless people.


Jon: Volunteer and earn HOPE$$$ for things you need for house and home – and get HOPE while you’re here with FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!