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It’s T.I.M.E. – Justice and Recovery Class

In this blog, we will write periodically about “It’s T.I.M.E.” – our peer facilitated justice and recovery class held weekly at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF).  The acronym “T.I.M.E.” stands for Think, Identify, Make changes and Enter a new life. We are currently conducting our 6th 13-week session at MCCF. The facilitators are Anthony Garcia and J.B. Brooks.

Week 4:  Risk Factors

In this session, we discuss risk factors for reoffending.  We discuss the definition of risk factors and review the seven risk factors defined by research that often make a person vulnerable to criminal behavior or reoffending.  There were 10 participants in this week’s class. Students identified their top risk factors which included mental health and substance abuse issues, lack of employment and employment skills, and family dysfunction.  The class discussed ways to address the risk factors. In future weeks, the class will talk about triggers that can make a person reoffend, and then explore through problem solving exercises, how to avoid triggers  and develop a community re-entry plan.

By: Kathie Mitchell, Director