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Norristown Community Gardens

farming1farming2Spring is in the air and the good folks of Norristown have created two lovely and bountiful community gardens. One garden at Bartasch Park behind Hancock school, and the other on the Norristown State Hospital Grounds.
One of the main goal of the Norristown Community Gardens is to cultivate a healthy community in which each member can share their value and produce with others around them.
On the Norristown State Hospital grounds there is over 20 plots, which include HopeWorx, the Boy Scout Troop 724 and the Calvary Baptist, as well as many other people who have individual plots.
Some of the plant we have planted are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, squash, beans, cabbage, flowers, and herds. We tend to the garden on a weekly basis and the fruits of the labor will be reaped by participants in the community gardens program. If you wish to participate, please speak to Ameika Malcolm (610-270-9155). We at HopeWorx are all looking forward to harvesting these plants.