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Eric Goldstein at January’s CSP local meeting

In January’s CSP local meeting, held at the library, CSP was happy to welcome Eric Goldstein, the Administrator of Montgomery County’s Office of Behavioral Health/Developmental Disabilities.  Eric spoke of different initiatives undertaken by his office such as the Community Connections program.  He then opened the floor up for questions.  Among the questions presented were how can CSP provide feedback to the office of Behavioral Health/Developmental disabilities for issues pertaining to the budget?  Eric responded by saying that he feels the CSP should, going forward, give feedback in real time about current programs, evaluating what’s currently being done, so that if a budget decision is to be made on a whim then the CSP feedback is readily available.

 Among other things discussed at the meeting was the second annual CSP Conference to be held on May 30th at Mermaid Lake.  The conference will be based on health and wellness with both physical and mental health workshops offered throughout the day.  The committee is still open to ideas.  If you would like to be part of the committee please email Sue Shannon at  The full minutes of the January CSP meeting can be found on the CSP website at 

A little about CSP:

            Montgomery County’s Community Support Program (CSP) brings together individuals that receive mental health services, their family members, providers and the Department of Behavioral Health in an equal partnership to promote recovery and excellence in the delivery of community-based mental health services.

The committee strives to include a balance of people who use services, people who provide services, family members, and interested members of the community at large.

Hopeworx Community Partnership with RHD Produces Bread Pickup

William MoodyThe newest chapter of the Hopeworx partnership with Resources for Human Development in Philadelphia entails picking up bread donations from Malvern PA.  William, our driver, goes to Malvern every Friday and picks up a huge delivery of bread.  He delivers some of the product to RHD in Philadelphia, which they use in their Equal Dollars Market.  The delivery was so plentiful that William had to run around town to try to get the extra bread to people in need.  He delivered some of the extra bread to the Salvation Army Family Shelter, and some to Hopeworx partners C.H.O.C. and the Hospitality Center in Norristown.  He even delivered bread to some neighborhood Churches.  William is very optimistic that through his work with Hopeworx he can make Norristown a better community.  William is pictured on the left, while RHD and Pepperidge Farms are pictured at the bottom.

RHD RHD2Pepperidge Farm

Hopeworx Strikes a Partnership with C.H.O.C., the Hospitality Center and Wawa.

Recently, Hopeworx was enlisted to provide delivery services from a local Wawa to C.H.O.C. and the Hospitality Center.  Hopeworx picks up leftover frozen breakfast foods donated by the Wawa on Rt.202 near Skippack Pk.  William Moody does the deliveries on behalf of Hopeworx and he states “I have begun to know the good people at the Wawa and they help me load up the food.  Everyone is very glad to see me at C.H.O.C. and the Hospitality Center when I arrive with the big bags of food.  This makes me feel proud to do what I am doing.”  William Moody and the Wawa employees are pictured below

C.H.O.C. stands for Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center and provides shelter services to homless persons.  It is located on the state hospital grounds in Norristown.  It provides a day shelter with caseworkers, showers, clothes washers, internet access etc.  In addition to working with individuals utilizing the center, the C.H.O.C. is also involved with community outreach, education, and street outreach to homeless individuals.

The Norristown Hospitality Center is located on 530 Church Street in Norristown.  From their website – “The Hospitality Center was created from true and simple love for people. It is a home during the day for anyone who otherwise would be left hungry, weary or living on the streets.”  Among other things, they run a soup kitchen for anybody who is hungry.  You can learn more about the Hospitality Center on their website —

Wawa employees    William Moody

Hopeworx Inc. Needs Your Help

Here at Hopeworx, we’ve been struck with some bad luck.  Our blue van, which was in service for 12 years was struck while it was parked right before the Thanksgiving holiday.  After an evaluation from a body shop, we were saddled with the sad news that the van was totaled.  This has put us in a delicate predicament for we depended on that van to transport not only our employees but members of the Hopemarket, our community trading post.  We also use the vans to transport people to different community events and to conduct surveys at mental health facilities throughout Montgomery County.  Through our community involvement, we make Montgomery County a better place to live.

We are asking for any donations that might help us to secure another van and assist with our current dilemma.  We have some fundraisers planned, but anything that can help, such as individual donations are welcome.  Through your donation you would be helping us continue to make Montgomery County a better place to live.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

By:  Melanie Hewlett.