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Art Spotlight

FlowerCarla Pendergrast is one of HopeWorx’s premier artists! We have watched her creations blossom from the most unusual form of media. Carla’s artful eye has brought encouragement and awareness to many people at HopeMarket that might have never attempted to try an art project. Along with working on her own creations, Carla keeps the offices of Hopeworx Inc. in tune with each holiday and season by decorating the office. Carla has some experience in Interior Design. HopeWorx appreciates her boundless energy and talent. She takes time with every community member, making sure they can participate in our art project. Thank-you Carla, for being you!  The following is some of her artwork.  You can click on the image to see it in full size.

Painting   Art

Hopeworx Member of the Month for January

Santiago Peralta

This month we are profiling Santiago Peralta Chavez.  He joined our group of volunteers about 8 months ago! Santiago understands very little english, and speaks even less. He was born in Acapulco, Mexico, and has been in the United States for 12 years. He has a wife and two children that are still living in Acapulco. Antonia, another volunteer, introduced him to the HopeMarket. Santiago states that since joining, he has met many friends! A lot of our members are bi-lingual!

Santiago says volunteering at the HopeMarket gives him something to do with his days. He states that by volunteering at the HopeMarket, he has received help in furnishing a house that he rents with another disabled individual. Even though he walks with a cane himself, Santiago is always ready to lend his help and services to others. He participated in and said he enjoyed our holiday party. He attends our monthly excursions to the RHD produce and meat markets. The ability to buy food with his equal dollars helps supplement his monthly income. Santiago states that he is happy that he found this place.

Montco CSP Holiday Party at Hopeworx

holiday party

On Thursday, December 19th, Hopeworx and Montgomery County CSP joined forces for a Christmas Holiday Party.  The party was held at the Hopeworx lounge and a jovial crowd was in attendance.  There were all different types of food including Puerto Rican cuisine(rice and peas) and Jamaican food(jerk chicken).  There were also cold cuts and meatball sandwiches.  Alvin provided the music which made for a very festive atmosphere.  After everybody had mingled and eaten, the MC’s Ameika and Ron challenged the audience to partake in karaoke.  The audience had a blast as people sang the tunes of their favorite artists such as Madonna, Bob Marley, and Ike and Tina Turner.  Melanie, Tuesday and Anise posed as background singers/dancers for Ron when he sang “Rolling on a River”.  This made for great laughs and good fun.  At the end, gift cards to Wawa and Dunkin Donuts were given to participants of the karaoke.  You can click on the images to see the full-size pictures.

holiday partyholiday partyholiday party