Monthly Archives: December 2016

Six words can tell a story

By: Kathie Mitchell, Director

 “Chose to live and not die.”

 At the recent graduation of the 17th session of “It’s T.I.M.E.”, each student read six words they had worked on during the past week that described a goal or a statement about themselves.

 It was a moving and enlightening experience and I was left again in awe and feeling inspired by the courage and thoughtfulness that was demonstrated in that room.

 James (not his real name) had written the above words and during the week had gone to the jail library to have it typed. Here’s what he said:

 “These are the six words that motivate me to go strong and stay strong in my recovery process. Drugs kept leading me into jail. I say this because if I don’t use drugs and stay on my medication I never come back to these places and give up my freedom. I say this because I have stayed clean for 10 years. And within those 10 years I have accomplished a lot. A lovely wife, place of business, good credit, and most of all my family. These were the best 10 years of my life. I learned how to be a husband, father, brother, uncle, nephew and most of all, a real friend. Being in this class has taught me how to live again, and take responsibilities for my actions. I learned that staying clean and taking my medication must come first. My ways and distorted thinking has kept me in the grips of a continued and progressive illness. I have learned that I don’t have to be the director of every situation. I can be a productive member of society and abide by the rules of society. I was in the fight of my life. I lost my mother in 2009 and tried to commit suicide and couldn’t even do that right. God has truly been good to me. I had a lot of guilt and remorse toward my family. All along I was really upset with myself. I just wanted to put these six words into my life, to let it be known that drugs don’t rule my life anymore and yes, I have the power to choose or let someone else dictate my life…I thank you all for giving me the tools to live again…life has been so much better.”

 I love your story, James, and how you summed it up.

 Six words…“Life has been so much better.”