About Us…

The Consumer Satisfaction Team (CST) has two teams of part-time mental health customers, persons in recovery, and family members. The teams are “The Trendsetters” and “The Peacemakers”. We work part-time so that we don’t lose any benefits. Our team started in 1994, and we interview other adult users of mental health services in Montgomery County, Pa.

We are funded by the Montgomery County Office of Behavioral Health and Health Choices.

We have a governing Board of Directors that represent all constituencies of the mental health system.

What We Do…

Consumer Satisfaction Team members meet face to face with customers to listen and document their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the services that are funded by the Montgomery County Behavioral Health System. We use a survey that is developed by us and is different for each kind of service.

Data is entered by CST staff, analyzed and produced in report form by our Project Coordinator. The reports are sent out to the participating provider(s) and a meeting is scheduled with the provider agency director, CST staff and County staff. The provider(s) share the results with users of service and staff.

After discussion about the results, the provider(s) completes a plan of action which documents the changes that were made after discussion with management staff and customers of service. This is called the “Closing the Loop” process.