HopeMarket Update

The HopeMarket Trading Post enables people in the mental health community, and anyone who wishes to participate, to contribute and trade their time, talents and energy in exchange for goods and services offered by community members through “Equal Dollars”, a barter currency system which assigns value.  The HopeMarket provides a unique atmosphere which gives people the opportunity to gain skills and make connections which help support personal recovery.

The Market show cases different art work of members who utilize art as a therapy and relaxation.  Members use their art skills to interpret the recovery principles.


Here are some thoughts from  Members of  the HopeMarket:

Tuesday L.:  A place where you can find furniture, household items and Coworkers you enjoy working with.

Wendy C.:  This is a place where you can get low cost items for your house,  room, and apartment.

Nevin R.:  A place to come have fun a get good stuff.

Kathleen S.:  A place where we meet and do normal things with friends.  A place to get opportunity to once again have some normalcy.

Joe Z.:  A place to come clear my head and maybe Network and find work.

CarlA:  I come to Hope Market to exert my energy and I also furnish my Entire apartment with items I brought with my equal dollars.

Here are some highlights of activities in the HopeMarket:

Working on art project

Making a delivery

Bryan hard at work

Diana checking out a microwave

Kathleen’s art work

Shoes for sale

At HopeMarket you don’t have to window shop

Carla displaying the beauty of art

Christa working out

Driver Steve



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