I AM THE EVIDENCE! The Faces of MH Recovery Public Art Project

The Community Advocates are pleased to announce they are partnering in the “I am the Evidence Campaign.” The ITE Campaign is essentially sharing our recovery stories or ” success stories” where personal stories of mental health recovery will influence positive outlooks for others in recovery.

MHAPA (Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania) and Support the Journey have announced a new project of the ITE Campaign called the FACES OF MENTAL HEALTH RECOVERY PUBLIC ART PROJECT. The art project was created to celebrate people who are the living Evidence of mental health recovery, as well as those individuals, organizations and communities that offer support and hope along the journey.

The project uses photography to engage individuals, organizations, and communities in the support of recovery. During a hands-on workshop led by a local artist in Perry County, people in recovery and individuals from their support networks learn photography skills and how to tell their personal stories. A public exhibition will be held of large-scale, black-and-white portraits and testimonials generated from the workshop.

The exhibition started on Oct.11, 2013 during the Mental Illness Awareness Week and will remain through Nov.22, 2013.  The Perry County Council of the Art is hosting this event.  This campaign invites others to either give their testimony of recovery or simply view others as inspiration to their own recovery.  In this you may also celebrate the individuals, organizations, and communities that supported you in your recovery. Are you the evidence of recovery? To find out more about “I am the Evidence” please go to www.itecampaign.org. Remember to check out “I am the Evidence” and the Faces Of Mental Health Recovery.

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  • Jason Matlack says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the project. I am a Certified Peer Specialist I am glad there are such projects that help break the stigma of a mental health diagnosis. I encourage anyone wanting to make a difference to seek out ways to improve the mental health community and the public awareness. You will find you are helping yourself as much or more than the people you help.

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