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No Wrong Door - All are welcome here

CommunityWorx is new!

Formerly called the HopeMarket, we are now CommunityWorx. You'll see a lot of the same faces plus many new ones when you stop in at HopeWorx. We're still located at 1210 Stanbridge Street, Suite 600, Norristown, PA  19401. 

One key component of CommunityWorx is the Furniture Program. We accept donations of furniture and appliances and other household items which we share with individuals in need through a volunteer exchange program. 

How the Furniture Program Works:

Making a Donation: Furniture and Appliance Donations can be offered by calling HopeWorx 610-270-3685.  Drop-offs can be made between 9am-5pm weekdays, after speaking with a HopeWorx employee.  If you cannot drop off, we have limited resources to schedule pickups (distance and Items will be considered).

Useful Items: New or Lightly Used - Tables, Chairs, Couches, Dressers, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Small Kitchen Appliances

Receiving a Donation: For those looking to acquire the furniture, please contact a CommunityWorx employee at 610-270-3685 to schedule a visit.  We exchange furniture for volunteer work scheduled within the CommunityWorx Community Center.  3 hours for small items and 6 hours for large Items.

If you don’t have furniture to contribute, please consider donating to our campaign by clicking the donate button below.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by June 30, 2022. 

Thank you in advance! 

Other key components of CommunityWorx:

Special Projects are conducted throughout the year such as gardening, scrap metaling and crafting. 

Social Inclusion where individuals visit on an ongoing basis and participate in projects, or relax, rest and socialize in a safe space.

For more information about the activities and culture of CommunityWorx, please scroll down the page. 



Building and Promoting Community Integration and Wellness through organic Peer Supports and Community partnerships.

Our mission:

The Mission of CommunityWorx is to create an environment and a barter community that welcomes all individuals who want to direct their own life goals, growth,  and wellness. We create opportunities for people to socialize and express themselves through learning new skills, different art forms and to pursue wellness. Our mission is to employ a “no wrong door” policy, self-advocacy, organic support, and to educate and share external community resources beneficial to individual needs.


At CommunityWorx we pride ourselves on having an open and no wrong door concept. Everyone is welcome, under the guiding principles that we treat each person with dignity, respect and kindness at all times.

CommunityWorx is both a place and a community. The market is set up in the HopeWorx offices where donations are accepted and displayed so that community members can browse and choose what they need. 

The community is the ever widening group of people who have joined our mission to contribute and trade their time, their talents, their energy and sometimes their donations to our showroom. Our members form a community with a a self-driven environment that reaches throughout Montgomery County.

It's a growing community run by volunteer members who believe that working together brings unity in a community.

We provide resources and opportunities for people to advocate for themselves, to improve and maintain their life and wellness.

The Peer Members

CommunityWorx is designed to facilitate and coordinate with the members  to create an environment for growth, support, and connections. With that in mind, one of our main goals is to meet people where they are at with their daily life goals and needs.

Everyone is welcome at CommunityWorx – all that is required is the willingness to participate. However, many of the people who walk into our building have mental health system experience or experience with homelessness and food insecurity.  In general there are three models of participation at CommunityWorx:

1.       People come for a specific reason – to get household items or to venture out into a social setting after a personal setback – and they participate for a few weeks or months, and then move on as they get new opportunities.  Sometimes they come back and visit or rejoin for a while if they have another setback, but they don’t commit to long term projects.


2.       People come for specific projects – gardening, scrap metaling, etc., and keep coming for that specific project.  During down time for those projects (non-garden season, e.g.) they may still come for some social time, but their participation steps up when the project is happening.


3.       People come on an ongoing basis, as a part of their weekly life, and participate in a variety of projects or sometimes just relax, as CommunityWorx provides them a place to socialize in a safe space. 

CommunityWorx currently has approximately 15 people in the third category.  The numbers of people in the first two categories vary from about 2 people to 20 people, depending in part on what projects are active.  We had 114 unique people come through in 2018. 

Approximately half of the people who come for the first time come with supporters such as Certified Peer Specialists, recovery coaches, and family members.   Some people then come on their own, and others always come with a supporter – it can be intimidating and/or overwhelming in our unstructured environment, and there is often no resource for someone to get one on one help learning new projects, so a supporter can provide that one on one guidance.

CommunityWorx welcomes anyone from Montgomery County but because of our location, the large majority of people come from Norristown and the surrounding townships.     

Thank you for your support.