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FamilyWorx is a part of the parent company, HopeWorx.  FamilyWorx is an advocacy team comprised of parents and primary caregivers whose children are involved in the public health system. Team members work together to support parents and caregivers as someone who has been in their shoes.

Mission statement

The mission of FamilyWorx is to support Montgomery County families whose children and adolescents have behavioral health concerns navigate the public child serving systems—behavioral health, juvenile justice, child welfare, and education—as well as connect with each other and community resources. FamilyWorx is a part of the Montgomery County System of Care community and is committed to creating an environment that meets the needs of young people and their families, working collaboratively to affect change as it relates to the child serving systems.


Who We Are

We are a team of parents and primary caregivers who have experience navigating the child serving systems (education, juvenile justice, behavioral health, and more) with our own children. We use our own stories and experiences to help support others become their own best advocate for their children and families.


Thank you for your support.