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What We Do

HopeMarket Community

The HopeMarket Community is a market set up in the HopeWorx offices where donations are accepted and displayed so that community members can browse and shop. HopeMarket is a consumer run market trading donated items of furnishings, clothing, etc. and also providing an opportunity for members to trade skills and services. Examples of the skills and services shared are cooking, gardening, cleaning, and arts and crafts. Today the HopeMarket Volunteers give their time and share their talents to CREATE the HopeMarket Community. We now reach out to other organizations within the Montgomery County Mental Health Community to invite new members and develop new partnerships and opportunities for the community and its members.

Our mission:

The mission of the HopeMarket Community is to develop a community in which its members can trade skills and services to help each other, and stretch their money to promote development, encourage independence and empower consumers.

What is the HopeMarket Community? 

The HopeMarket Community is both a place and a community. The market is set up in the  HopeWorx offices where  donations are accepted and displayed so that community members can browse and shop.  

The community is the ever widening group of people who have joined our mission to contribute and trade their time, their talents, their energy and sometimes their donations to the market. Our members form a community that reaches throughout Montgomery County. 

It's a growing community run by volunteer members who believe that working together brings unity in a community.

How to join the HopeMarket Community? 

Community members join by volunteering their time and talents to the HopeMarket.

Delivery Service

HopeMarket Members who live in the Norristown Area and DO NOT HAVE the Ability to pick up items they have selected CAN USE OUR DELIVERY SERVICE. For a $20.00 fee WE WILL DELIVER 1 VAN full of items to your home on a DAY WE PLAN WITH YOU in ADVANCE! IF YOU LIVE OUSIDE THE NORRISTOWN AREA WE MIGHT be able to ARRANGE Delivery.  CHECK WITH US for the fee and availability of our Drivers.

Who can join? 

The HopeMarket Community was started within the mental health community in Montgomery County, and that community continues to be the focus of much of our outreach, but anyone who is willing to participate in the community is welcome to join.  

Benefits of joining the HopeMarket Community

  The Hope Market Community is more than a place to shop.

After joining, members can begin trading, exchanging goods and services for “purchasing” items and services they need with the Equal Points they received.   

Some of the benefits of joining the HopeMarket Community are: 

  • It’s a way to stretch your dollars.
  • It’s a way to use your skills to help someone else.
  • It’s a way to meet your needs without spending US Dollars.
  • It’s a way to be more involved in the community and help it grow and develop.

How do I trade in the HopeMarket Community?

After joining, HopeMarket Community members can trade for goods that are available at the market or for services that are offered by other community members.  For people to be able to trade more freely, the HopeMarket Community uses “Equal Points” to “purchase” goods and services.  

To purchase an item at the HopeMarket, just bring the items you want to buy to the front desk and a volunteer will check you out. If you are trading for services with another community member, you can work out the deal between yourselves. 

How do I volunteer at the HopeMarket Community ?

You can volunteer at the market any time it is open – just talk to the point person of the day.  
Volunteering at the market is a good way to participate in the HopeMarket community.  

Some of the benefits of volunteering are:

  • Meeting many different kinds of people.
  • A relaxing work oriented atmosphere.
  • Spending your time, not your dollars.
  • Access to our craft club.
  • Furnishing your apartment or home.
  • Access to our lounge area.
  • Access to our internet-enabled  computers.
  • Participating and learning and acquiring work experience.

Thank you for your support.