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HopeWorx Annual Campaign

A little water can grow our community!

We have raised $6,500.00 of our $3,000.00  goal.

3rd Annual Water Balloon Fundraiser - 2023

This year we held a Water Balloon and Community Cookout Fundraiser on August 18th at All Saints Episcopal Church in Norristown. It was a great event and everyone got splashed! All proceeds go to CommuntyWorx, our community center at HopeWorx. We decided to do one more water balloon toss for the year on September 1st at the HopeWorx office. Gene Palieschesky, Commmunity Development  Integration Coordinator for CommuntyWorx and favorite target of water balloon tossers, was interviewed by Akilah Williams, AdvocacyWorx Program Supervisor, about his strategy in dodging water balloons.

"Run fast and hard and get the h*** out of the way!" replied Gene. 

We wish to thank all of our donors who supported the 2023 HopeWorx fundraiser whether you attended the event or donated online - we sincerely appreciate your support! And of course we appreciate all of our friends and co-workers who chose to accept their mission to get splashed! We have reached more than 50% of our goal of $3,000. We are still accepting donations for this fundraiser and we sincerely appreciate your generosity.  Just scroll down this page to donate.


Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to make a difference in the lives of individuals recovering from mental illness and their families each year.

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Donations for the 2023 fundraiser will help CommunityWorx  - a community center at HopeWorx -  provide a variety of services for community members in need, including emergency food and clothing supplies, cooking and laundry facilities, and opportunities for learning, socializing and community connections. CommunityWorx also has a program that provides used furniture and other household goods to people moving out of homelessness or institutional care, and strongly partners with the AdvocacyWorx program at HopeWorx to help people connect to needed services. 

CommunityWorx serves approximately 75 unique individuals per week, and over half of those individuals served are homeless or unstably housed.  HopeWorx’ funding primarily comes from the Montgomery County Offices of Mental Health and Managed Care, for its AdvocacyWorx and other mental health programs, but CommunityWorx relies on individual donations and grants to fund all costs beyond our rent and one staff member.  We are located in Norristown, across from the Norristown State Hospital grounds, and have expanded our services in the last 10 years to provide a safe space during the day for people in need. 

Thank you for considering a gift to HopeWorx. Our community is a better place to live because of people just like you.

Thank You For Making A Difference!