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Community Satisfaction Team

Satisfaction Survey Reports

Reporting Process

  1. Q: What is a satisfaction survey report?

    A: The satisfaction survey report is compiled from the information collected when the Consumer Satisfaction Teams (CST) surveys people using mental health services in Montgomery County. The surveys ask about how safe the person feels when at the site, the quality of the staff (friendly, understanding, etc.), the environment (clean, comfortable, etc), atmosphere (peaceful, quiet, etc), and the quality of the services they are being providing (treatment, flexibility, customer input, etc). When fitting we ask about accessibility of computers, Peer Specialist services, and more.

  2. Q: What do you do with the reports?

    A: The reports are sent to the directors of the provider agencies that were surveyed, which are then given to the customers of those services. The reports are also sent to contacts at the County Office of Behavioral Health. Then, CST staff has a meeting about the results with the agencies and County contacts after 3 months to discuss their plan of action form. It is during this process that discussions and action steps are made for change.

  3. Q: What is the Plan of Action form?

    A: The Plan of Action form is a form Providers fill out to identify at least one strength to celebrate, explore, learn from, and two-three areas which are opportunities to change, grow, discover.

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