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Who We Are


Executive Staff

  • Sue Shannon
    Sue Shannon

    Sue Shannon is the Executive Director of HopeWorx, Inc. She started at HopeWorx in 2005 as the office manager and project coordinator, after a 16-year career in television and theater. She is grateful to have found herself embedded in an organization of peer support that valued her unique experiences in her life and in her professional career, in a county that introduced her to the concept of recovery oriented mental health services.

    Sue earned a Master’s in NonProfit Management from Eastern University in 2008, using many of her class projects in topics such as Strategic Management and Human Resources to reinforce the infrastructure at HopeWorx, which was growing in budget, staff, and services. After graduating she became the Operations Manager of HopeWorx, responsible for most of the financial and logistical management. She was part of the team of people that included members of HopeWorx’ staff, board, and community partners who took the idea of a peer run community and built it into a pilot that was called the HopeMarket. Sue has been dedicated to finding the resources to build this pilot into a sustainable community that is open to all who want to participate and led by the people who show up. When the founding Executive Director Sandy Watson retired in 2013, Sue was chosen by the board to continue the mission.

    Sue does not identify as a person with lived experience in the mental health system, but she does bring an understanding about the impacts of trauma from her own experiences growing up in a chaotic and unstable household. Her experiences working in theater and television as a production manager and producer, supervising union crews and support staff in dramatic environments, gave her an employer’s perspective on employing people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues. This “behind the scenes” perspective was also valuable when she was learning to work in an environment committed to lifting the voices of people who are often disregarded and to creating the capacity for talented people to do their best work. Helping other people to grow and shine was Sue’s life work before she came to Montgomery County - at HopeWorx she found a way to use those skills to build a community.

    Sue has participated in many Montgomery County workgroups, committees and steering committees over the last 15 years. Currently she is a member of the steering committees of the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network and Advocates Against Hunger. She participates in the county’s Stepping Up Initiative, on the Re-entry Subcommittee and its Financial Skills workgroup, and previously worked on the Data Subcommittee. She actively works as a technical assistant to the Montgomery County CSP committee, including the planning of the annual conference that grew from 75 people at the first event in 2013 to over 500 people at the last pre-pandemic event. She supervises the technical assistance of the Southeast Regional CSP committee. She attends the Mental Health Planning Council as a Sunshine member, and participated on the recent MHPC subcommittee to update the “Call for Change.” Sue has volunteered at the University Community Social Services soup kitchen (also known as the “Meatloaf Kitchen”) in Manhattan, New York since 1993, and has been a member of its board and also a member of its operations leadership team since 2005.

  • Harry Bowles
    Harry Bowles

    Harry, HopeWorx Operations Manager, graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Previous to HopeWorx, Harry has worked as a Store Manager for the past 15 years at various retail companies, where he has had extensive training in Payroll, Human Resources, Billing, Customer Service, Facilities, Inventory Control, and Staff Management.

    Harry lives with his wife Liane and their many extremely pampered pets. In his spare time, he enjoys playing a round of disc golf, nerding out with friends, and has an ongoing endeavor to visit every U.S. state with his wife.

Board of Directors

  • Sue Soriano, Board President

    Senior Database Administrator, Diversified Software Resources
    Family-to-Family Education teacher, NAMI Montgomery PA
    BS, Rutgers University

  • Tim Tunner — Vice President

    Technical Assistance Coordinator, National Association of State Mental Health Program directors
    PHD, Social Work and Research, Bryn Mawr College 

  • Tom Paluszynski — Treasurer

    Vice President, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley

  • Shauna Kane, Secretary

    Supports Coordinator, Quality Progressions, Philadelphia PA

  • Kathy Laws

    Montgomery County Family Member, Chair of HopeWorx Family Advisory Board

  • Lily Austin, J.D.

    Legal Aid of Southeastern PA

  • Peggy Maccolini

    MS, CPRP
    Director, Montgomery County Behavioral Health Training Institute
    Resources for Human Development

  • Trish Seidle

    Certified Peer Specialist, Penn Psychiatric

  • Patrick Walsh

    Co-Director, Martha’s Choice Pantry, Catholic Charities

  • Eli Wenger

    Co-Director, Martha’s Choice Pantry, Catholic Charities

  • Johnny Rice

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