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Mission, Purpose, Values

Our Mission

The Mission of CommunityWorx is to create an environment that welcomes all individuals who are directing their own life goals, growth, recovery, and wellness. We create opportunities for people to socialize and express themselves through learning new skills, different art forms and to pursue wellness. Our mission is to employ a “no wrong door” policy, self-advocacy, organic support, and to educate and share external community resources beneficial to individual needs.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to share the idea of a diverse, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where the members embrace, respect, and empower the free flow of individual choices for personal development and decisions. One place that serves different constituencies, with understanding that everyone brings something to the table, and everyone is their own advocate. In addition, as a community we support and encourage each other to identify and apply individual strengths and abilities to improve their lives as well as the people around them.

Our Values

We value our guiding principles of treating each person with dignity, respect, and kindness always, organic peer support and modeling the concept of self-care.

Thank You For Making A Difference!