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Community Satisfaction Team

Community Satisfaction Team

CST received a 2023 Recovery & Resiliency Award!

Congratulations to the Community Satisfaction Team for receiving one of the Recovery & Resiliency Awards this year! Montgomery County Commissioners Ken Lawrence and Jamila Winder presented the awards on May 23, 2023. Learn why they were recognized for their exceptional service.

The Community Satisfaction Team of Montgomery County, PA., Inc. is a part of the parent company, HopeWorx.

Mission Statement:

The central role of CST is to provide the Montgomery County Office of BH/DD with individual information about satisfaction with the mental health services that adults are receiving and to make recommendations for change.

What CST Does:

The Community Satisfaction Team meets face to face with individuals to listen to and document their satisfaction with the mental health services they receive that are funded by the Montgomery County Mental Health System.

The staff at CST, all of whom have experience receiving mental health services, survey individuals to find out if their needs are being met, and if they are satisfied with the services provided to them. The CST staff develops the surveys based on their own experience in the mental health system as well as from the results of previous surveys and information about the goals of the services. The data gathered is used to create a report which is shared with the people who were surveyed, service providers, and the Montgomery County Office of Behavioral Health, who then work together to implement change.


CST Program Supervisor: Erin Villarose – 610-270-3685

Thank You For Making A Difference!