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Our History

The HopeMarket, an intentionally built micro-community that provided opportunity for participants to maintain engagement in a supportive, nurturing environment, was established in 2010.  HopeWorx staff extended their support of each other and people in the community to create a barter system of goods and services that members brought to the market. The HopeMarket was open to the community three days a week and reached out to other organizations within the Montgomery County mental health community to invite new members and develop new partnerships and opportunities for community members.

As word of mouth spread, we moved into a larger space and created set hours for people to come in and participate.  HopeMarket has formed partnerships and planned events with a variety of organizations. As we evolved, we found was that there was a need for household furniture and goods because of our relationship with people who often were coming out of institutional care and homelessness. We set up a program where people could volunteer with us to get furniture and household items they needed. We existed entirely on donations and volunteer support to operate the HopeMarket, with a budget of about $10,000 per year.

In 2019, the Montgomery County Office of Mental Health awarded HopeWorx funding to support a small staff for the HopeMarket, which is now named CommunityWorx. CommunityWorx is currently open six (6) days a week and offers an array of  peer support resources and services.


Thank You For Making A Difference!