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Hours of Operation Q&A

Hours of Operation:

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm | Saturday 10am – 4pm

Who can Join?

Everyone is welcome and we believe that everybody has something of value to bring to our community. 

How to become a CommunityWorx Member?

You can become a member by volunteering your time and strength to CommunityWorx to help with activities that promotes community integration and connection the people we serve.

How do I earn the things I need?

To earn the things you need, you can volunteer for at least 6 hours for big items and 3 hours smaller items. You can also bring something to barter with the community (Skills, goods, services). Examples of barter opportunities are…

  • Bringing in a working TV to trade for a couch.
  • Helping someone to fix their computer in exchange for laundry services.
  • Volunteering to pick donations to earn household items

Small items – Anything you can pick up by yourself and walk out with and can be carried in a car and does not require us to arrange delivery or pickup.

Big items - are anything you cannot pick up by yourself, put in a car and requires us to arrange for delivery or pickup.

Delivery fee - $40.00

How do I volunteer at the CommunityWorx?

You can volunteer at CommunityWorx any time our offices are open. Please note, that some community partnership projects may require us to start earlier or end later than our listed office times. 


How do I schedule time to volunteer?

You can call our office at 610-813-1140 x 122 or email to schedule time to volunteer with us.

What are some volunteering opportunities available at CommunityWorx?

  • If you love driving and have a valid driver’s license:
    • You can help with donation pick-up and deliveries
    • Transporting people to community events and projects

Note: You will be driving our vehicle for these activities.

  • Help with and organizing varies community art projects (e.g., Sewing, Painting, Art Shows, Murals, Crafts, Organizing Art supplies and room.)
  • You can provide Laundry Services Supports
  • Organize movie watch Parties
  • Plan and lead Peer Social Activities (Games Day - electronic & table games, chats, communal cooking, gardening, walk club, Camping trips, etc.)
  • Help with social media
  • Help with Community Outreach
  • Become a member of the CommunityWorx Steering Committee
  • Help Fundraising /Grant writing 
  • Help writing and updating our newsletter
  • Help with and/or organize Community Clean-ups

What are some of the benefits of volunteering with CommunityWorx?

Some of the benefits of volunteering are:

  • You are treated with dignity and Respect by your peers
  • Diverse social opportunities.
  • A relaxing work-oriented atmosphere.
  • Spending your time, not your dollars.
  • Access to our lounge, internet-enabled computers, art, and craft area.
  • Furnishing your apartment or home.
  • Participating, learning, and acquiring work skills and personal development.
  • Access to organic peer support and wellness resources. 



Thank You For Making A Difference!