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HopeMarket Steering Committee has vision, takes action!

There were two major activities at the November Steering Committee meeting for the HopeMarket – the first thing we did was an exercise where people self identified as a buffalo (just do it!), eagle (visionary, big picture looking), a bear (planner, detail oriented) or a mouse (caretaker, “is everybody ok?”).  Usually, in the many times I’ve done this, you get all types.  EVERYONE at the steering committee identified as either a buffalo or an eagle.  Which is great for charging ahead and having a vision, but not great for making a plan and being inclusive. 

Then we started a program matrix, looking at all the different things that HopeMarket does and answering questions about how well do them, how they fit in with our mission, etc.  When we finish that exercise, it should help to figure out direction and focus.



Thank You For Making A Difference!