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Resolve to Run Winter Challenge


HopeWorx has signed up for the – Resolve to Run Winter Challenge! with the RUNegades.

And this morning, Ameika Malcolm showed her 'Extreme Resolve' by hitting the Norristown Farm Park paths in below freezing temperatures and bone-chilling wind. She almost backed out until her 16-year-old daughter challenged her to get her layers on.

"It was cold as h3#*!" Ameika said. "But we did 5 miles today. The first time we only did 3. I was shocked."

Ameika said she and her daughter 'layered up' to stay warm and covered their faces with scarfs to prepare for the 8 a.m. walk. About 90 minutes later they had clocked almost 5 miles at a brisk 2.9 mph and they were no longer cold. 

Ameika has downloaded a free app on her iphone called sports tracker that makes a virtual map of your route that includes mileage, miles per hour and time in hours, minute and seconds. 

The Hopeworx Community Development and Integration Coordinator is reaching out to individuals to accompany her on the Resolve Winter Challenge in this peer support activity. It costs $5 to enter the challenge with the goal of reaching 125 miles by March 21, 2020.

"We have 10 tickets at $5.00 each," Ameika said.  "We would like to share this opportunity with members of the HopeMarket community as well as anyone who would like to get out and run/walk and socialize." 

You can meet Ameika at HopeWorx on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 am for a run/walk in the Norristown Farm Park. If the days and time do not work for you, let us know. You can make your own schedule or connect with other group members and arrange days and times that work best for you.

Participants can use sport tracking apps on their phones to track miles - no need to buy an expensive sport watch. 

Ameika said in the event of extreme weather conditions, they will update people accordingly. Which makes this writer think - after today - "how extreme is extreme?"  Ameika can tell us that later!

For more information go to To Run Winter Challenge! Or if you would like to purchase a ticket through HopeWorx, contact Ameika Malcolm at or call 610-909-6772.

Limited space and first come, first serve! Looking forward to running/walking with you!



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