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HopeWorx, Inc. Announces Grant Award - Press Release

Capacity building grant awarded to plan peer respite.

Peer Respite provides time, space, and relationships for people who feel overwhelmed by mental or emotional distress, allowing them to heal and grow on their own terms. Peer respite is a different and proven alternative to hospitalization or crisis residential services. It views distress as a common human experience through which guests can find meaning and growth in a healing community.

NORRISTOWN, FEBRUARY 7, 2022: HopeWorx, Inc. today announced that they have been awarded a $90,000 capacity building grant through Open Excellence, a community foundation which funds independent research and innovative programs for safer, more effective mental health care. As the parent organization of The Ferns Peer Respite Council, HopeWorx will use the grant to plan a new respite house in southeastern Pennsylvania. Nationally, peer respite has been identified as a core component of comprehensive crisis systems, with evidence that respite guests report greater recovery, reduction in troubling symptoms, and improved functioning, and systems report lower costs, less hospital utilization, and reductions in other service utilization.

The Ferns Peer Respite Council (PRC) is a grass-roots organization evaluating the need for and seeking to establish peer respite in southeastern Pennsylvania. PRC members are individuals who have experienced crisis, family members of individuals with these experiences, services providers, and community members.

HopeWorx has engaged Bowling Business Strategies (BBS) to assist with planning and implementation. BBS was selected because of its expertise and commitment to improving and enhancing behavioral health policy, research, systems, and services.

For more information about The Ferns, including how to get involved or donate, please go to:  


About HopeWorx, Inc. – A 501(c)3 corporation established in 1994, HopeWorx promotes the continued development of a community environment which supports and believes in the expertise and passion of individuals to create and direct their own paths to health and recovery. HopeWorx is the parent company of the Community Satisfaction Team, AdvocacyWorx, CommunityWorx, the Family Satisfaction Team, FamilyWorx, and The Ferns Peer Respite. HopeWorx is the fiduciary for the Montgomery County and Southeast Regional CSP committees. For more information, please go to

About Open Excellence – Open Excellence is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with a mission to sponsor research and programs that promote better mental health outcomes. We identify, help develop, and share knowledge with the public about mental health care that best helps people recover and live well in society. For more information about Open Excellence, please go to

About Bowling Business Strategies – Bowling Business Strategies (BBS) provides expert consultation to government agencies, nonprofit organizations, membership associations and others working to improve behavioral health, healthcare, and social service systems across the country. For more information about BBS, please go to

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