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CommunityWorx Dodge Water Balloon Challenge a splashing success!

To celebrate our new and changing community, we kicked things off with a fundraising campaign...our First Annual Dodge Water Balloon Challenge!  We ran the event every Friday in August at HopeWorx. Our goal is to raise money to buy art supplies, work on a community art projects and create more opportunities/events for people to get connected to the community, both socially and professionally. 

100% of the funds raised from the Dodge Water Balloon Challenge will go towards purchasing art supplies for people who would like to do artwork and are able to come to our location. We will also use the money to support people who would like to participate in different art shows across Montgomery County, PA.  Pre-COVID we would host at least three Art and Eat events with over 30 people in attendance at each event. The events allowed people to make their own art and submit to these art shows. In addition, we are able to do some free virtual art classes with Maria Maneos, Founder  & Director of the Brush With The Law – Art Program.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by June 30, 2022  –  we want to be able to put focus on community integration and connections mainly with people living with mental health, drug and alcohol, and homelessness challenges.

 We have raised over $2,000. We have $8,000 to go!!

If you didn't make it to the challenge, there's still time to donate to help us reach our $10,000 goal. Please visit our page: —

We at HopeWorx would like take this opportunity to thank every one who participated and donated  both in person and virtually.

Special thank yous to Penny Johnson, Sue Shannon, Maria Maneos, Kevin Byrnes, David Renner, Patrick Walsh, Hannah Leifheit, and Daniel Gardner for becoming targets.  Another special thank you to all the donors near and far. In general—Martha's Choice Marketplace, Expressive Path, Community Members, the HopeWorx Board members, friends and family. 

Check out some of our videos on our Facebook page!

Thank You For Making A Difference!