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Recovery journey comes full circle at forensic conference

Let me start off by saying that what I’m about to discuss with you is and was an eye opening experience for me.

I attended a forensic conference consisting from the lowest person on the totem pole like me to the people who make the decisions dealing with forensics in this state -  I mean the top of the D.O.C. and the legislators. It truly was fabulous.

I saw staff that I hadn’t seen in years and they all had nice things to say to me.  They informed me that they saw good in me when I was amongst them on the inside so seeing me there at the conference was no shocked to them. They said if I was ever given the opportunity they knew I would be doing just what I’m doing and that is advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

But what I’m so proud to have found out is that those people who I thought where doing what they were doing just for a paycheck – truly care about the people and the cause that they are fighting for.  They are working most days of their lives to make better for the ones who encounter themselves in the judicial system.

I implore anyone who has a strong opinion of a cause to not just sit around and wait to see what is going to happen to that cause but be about helping mold what you think that cause should look like!!  


Pennsylvania’s 27th Annual Forensic Rights and Treatment Conference was held on December 3-5 at the Holiday Inn in Grantville. The title was “Today’s Changing Forensic Landscape.”

Vernon is currently facilitating a peer-to-peer justice and recovery class called It’s T.I.M.E. at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) and the Pottstown Cluster in Pottstown.  

Thank You For Making A Difference!