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What's the latest at HopeWorx?

HopeWorx Celebrates New Family Programs

HopeWorx is celebrating new services for families as we begin the new fiscal year on July 1st. The Family Mentor program in Montgomery County will be part of HopeWorx and its new name is "FamilyWorx". The FEST program - Family Empowerment and Satisfaction Team - will join HopeWorx as the Family Satisfaction Team (FST) and will  complement the adult satisfaction team currently known as the Consumer Satisfaction Team (CST) of Montgomery County. 

"As a peer-led organization, HopeWorx is so pleased to be able to offer peer support to individuals and families throughout their lives as they interact with mental health services and other supports in Montgomery County," said Sue Shannon, HopeWorx Executor Director.  "The Community Advocates (now known as AdvocacyWorx) and the CST at HopeWorx, who have been working with the adults in the mental health system in Montgomery County, are excited to begin collaborating with the FamilyWorx team and FST!"

FamilyWorx is an advocacy team comprised of parents and primary caregivers whose children are involved in the public health system. Team members work together to support parents and caregivers as someone who has been in their shoes.

The Family Satisfaction Team (FST) surveys families and youth either face to face or via telephone to hear about their experiences with the mental health providers. They serve as independent evaluators of the behavioral health services provided to children and adolescents in Montgomery County.

"The Family Satisfaction Team (FST) and FamilyWorx Advocates are pleased to join the HopeWorx team, and are excited to provide Family Peer Support, Advocacy, and Satisfaction services to families and youth in Montgomery County," said Clare Higgins, Program Director of HopeWorx Family Advocacy and Satisfaction Programs.

Higgins added, "We are dedicated to raising the voices of youth and families who have received behavioral health support and treatment throughout the county and are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with the teams at HopeWorx who have been working with Montgomery County adults.  We look forward to a long-lasting partnership!"





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